National Security: The United States faces real dangers. We must develop a new strategy that is both tough and smart to combat terrorism and halt rogue states' fledgling weapons programs. Three goals are essential - no 'loose nukes', strong international controls on the nuclear fuel cycle, and no new nuclear weapon states.

Energy: The U.S. needs concrete, near-term steps to break our reliance on energy use destructive of our environment. A forward thinking energy policy must be based on innovative technologies in energy use and energy supply as well as strong incentives to encourage their use. An aggressive program of research and innovation incentives can achieve these goals, strengthen the competitive position of the United States economy, and create opportunities for sustainable growth around the world.

Environment: We need to push beyond our first generation of environmental laws and regulations and move to more modern environmental policies that spur continued technological innovation. Government-industry covenants could allow businesses, in consultation with regulators and the public, to craft the most effective and efficient strategies to meet broad national environmental goals through market-based limits and incentives that don't harm our economy.

Health: Americans are living longer, more productive lives thanks to advances in medical science. To continue to reap the economic and health benefits of biological research we have to continue to think forward and resist research interference based on ideological rhetoric. Decisions concerning the future of biological research must always rely on the best available evidence and on transparent decision-making processes.

Education: America's prosperity and security in the twenty-first century depend on our ability to develop scientific and technical talent. Quality of education and equality of educational opportunity are essential to compete in a tightly interconnected global economy. A firm grasp of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is essential for all Americans and so we must ensure that talent is identified, encouraged, and supported without prejudice.

Economic Growth: Best elliptical machine must ensure that America continues to lead revolutions in science and technology. Growth is a prerequisite for opportunity and scientific research is a basic prerequisite for economic growth. Investments in science, engineering, and mathematics have been the foundation of most of the products and services we depend on for a secure and comfortable life during our constant.

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